ADMGM - Features

While the first version of ADMGM was able to create users based on templates the newest version 1.1.0 is a really powerfull tool for migrating and updating users, computers and ou's in an Active Directory.

There are several tools that will make your daily work with the Active Directory easier and faster.

This document describes the features of ADMGM in short so if you wish detailed information abou a special feature follow the links below the short description.



This files contain general information about you Active Drectory in general or the arts of the Active Directory you are allowed to work in.

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Create new users, computers and ou's

This are the tools which were already available in the first version. But for example the user creation function is now very powerful.
You can create the Active Directory user object and the users home directory with predefined permissions.

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>> Users
>> Computers
>> OU's

Template Editor / First Run Wizard

The First Run Wizard will help ypi getting startet with ADMGM. It will set up a preset file for your general Active Directory Information and also some user and computer templates.

The Template Editor can be used to edit the user and computer template files.

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>> The Template Editor
>> The First Run Wizard

Batch Tools

User Operations:

They will help you to update large amounts of users. It can also create Home Directories for several users in one step.

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Computer operations:

This Wizard will help you to import computers from a CSV files to your Active Directory. You can rename Computers based on templates and set the description and location of this machines.

OU Trees:

With this Wizard you can create Templates with OU structures and build this structures or complete directories with some simple steps.

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Execute File:

This Tool can execute command files and write the console output to files.

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