ADMGM - Features - Preset Files


The Preset Files contain the general information about your Active Directory structure and / or the structure you are allowed to work in. They also contain the XCALCS parameters and paths.

Create a new Preset File

The best way since ADMGM version 1.1.0 is to use the First Run Wizard. This wizard will assist you while creating new preset files.

>> Got to "How to create Preset Files with the First Run Wizard" (SID:10014)

Edit Existing Preset File

The graphical User Interface will only allow to edit some of the settings.

You can only edit the following Preset in the GUI:

  • Domain FQDN
  • Domain NetBion Name
  • Domain DN (will be build from the FQDN)
  • Root OU
    • This describes the root path where you can work in the user / computer templates

ADMGM Feature Presets

The non graphical settings

There are several parameters which will not be available in the GUI Editor. You can edit them by opening the Preset File with a text editor.

ADMGM Feature Presets