ADMGM - Versions

Version 1.1.0

  • More Icons are used to give a better overview
  • NEW Execute File: Executes either a complete batch file or executes line by line (with log entries)
  • NEW Log File:
    Every executed Command is beeing logged.
    Doubleclick on the command promt to view the log file
  • NEW Batch Tool: User Operations
    Modifies user entries in AD based on a template
    This function can for example be used when you have to migrated lots of Accounts from a NT 4.0 Domain
    • Update Password, Loginscript, Home Directory ....
    • Create HomeDirectories
    • Change Permission of home directories
  • NEW Batch Tool: Computer Operations
    Creates AD entries for a Computerlist
  • NEW Batch Tool: OU Tree Generator
    Generates complete trees of OU's from a template
  • NEW First Run Wizzard
    Creates Preset Files or a complete set of Template files. So it is easier to get started with ADMGM
  • NEW External Branding possible
    You can use your own dialog images and Applcation Title with a special Version of ADMGM
  • Fixed Bug: User Options in Template Editor
  • Fixed Bug: HomeDir Permission
  • Fixed Display Bug: Scrollbars in the Main Form when XP styles are enabled
  • Some minor bugfixes ...
  • NEW File History
  • Remembers the last used files for
    • Presets
    • User Templates
    • Computer Templates
    • OU Trees
  • Remembers the last file name of the export file
  • NEW Save Main Window Position (manual or automatic)
  • NEW Hide / Disable ADMGM functions
  • NEW Autoload Preset and Template file on startup
  • NEW User defined CN for user objects possible

Version 1.0.3

  • ( Fixed Bug: Computer Name field gets enabled after creation
  • NEW Template Editor for user and computer templates
  • NEW Direct link to support articles
  • NEW Template Editor
  • NEW Support for XCACLS.vbs
  • NEW Preset version (1.1)
  • NEW User Template (1.2)
  • NEW Computer Template (1.1)
  • NEW %firstname% and %lastname% variable to generate display name
  • Fixed Bug: Permission window failed to display the settings on first load

Version 1.0.2

  • Quicklink buttons to load Presets and Usertemplates
  • Process view while usergeneration with detailed information about problems
    ADMGM program window
  • %username% variable is being replaced by the username created.
    Can be used to make personalized mailadress and home directory.
       \Serverhome%username% => \Serverhome ewuser
  • The %username% only uses lower case letters
       NewUser => newuser =>

Version 1.0.1

  • In the new version 1.0.1 it is possible to create the users Home Directory with a specified ACL entry for the new user.