ADMGM - Features - User batch tool

The User Batch Tool is a powerful tool when you have to update a large ammount of Active Directory users. With this tool you can update all user attributes and you can also create the users Home directory.

This docoment will guide you through the settings of the User Batch Tool. If there are still unanswered questions please use the support forum.

Select Source

In the first step you have to select the source. Source means where your current user information is stored. The easiest way is to run an Active Directory query for the users you which to update.

Enter the Distinguished Name (DN) of your user container and click on the "Run Query" Button.

You can also import a previously saved dsquery result. This might be helpful when you can not update all users at the same time.  How to run dsquery (SID: 10013)

In the list below you can see the query result.

ADMGM Feature User Batch Tool

Select Users

The next step is to select the users you whish to update. You can use the button on the right so select / deselect all users or to invert the selection.

ADMGM Feature User Batch Tool

Select Template File

Now you can load an existing ADMGM user Template. This step is not needed you can also define all settings in the next step. But if you have a Template with the most information you can use it.

ADMGM Feature User Batch Tool

Edit Template

This mask is similar to the New User mask. You can define every attribute you whish to update.

Note: Every field which contains a value will ovewrite existing attributes of the selected users!!!

ADMGM Feature User Batch Tool


It is recommended to test the setting with a single user before you update a complete userlist.

The Testresults will only display an error if the execution of the commands have failed. It will NOT display an error when the update of the user has failed you have to check this by opening the "Active Directory Users and Computer" console!

ADMGM Feature User Batch Tool

Create Batch File

In the last step can select the tasks you whish to execute.

  • Update User Information
    • This will create the DSMOD string which modifies the Active Directory attributes of the selected users.
  • Create Home Directory
    • When this setting is enabled the batch file can create the users home directory (when the "Create HomeDirectory" box in the template is checked and a path is set)
  • Change Home Directory Permission
    • This will change the ACL of the users Home directory to the settings defined in the template.

ADMGM Feature User Batch Tool

Execute Batch File

When the file is created and saved you can directly execute the file with the ADMGM Execute File Function.

ADMGM Feature User Batch Tool

Execute File Dialog

When you update a large ammount of users it is recommendet to use the "Run only the file" method!

Read more about the "Execute File" Dialog

ADMGM Feature User Batch Tool