SH-Soft Solutions - SH Browser


The SH-Soft Browser is a single Window instance for the Internet Explorer. It is very useful if you need to work on a single website but you dont need all the tool and status bars of the full Internet Explorer.


  • stay on top function
  • fixed wndow size / position
  • minimize to tray function
  • user defined application title
  • no status... bars


The complete configuration can be done in a single ini file.

SH-Soft Solutions - SH Browser

  • Address:
    • The start page of the browser
  • Caption
    • Application caption
  • ClientWidth and ClientHeight
    • They define the window size
  • ClientTop and ClientLeft
    • The position of the window
    • when there is no valid value the window will start in the screen center
  • StartMinimized
    • will hide the window to the systray after startup
  • AutoReloadTime
    • Is the time for an automatic update interval
    • The interval for one second is 1000
    • To Update a page every Minute you need an interval of 60000
  • ApplicationIcon
    • User defined icon
    • you have to use .ico files
    • the icons should have a resolution of 16x16 px
  • DisplayTitleInTray
    • You can display the Page title as Systray hint.
    • It will also appear in the browser title.
  • NotOnTop
    • If this value is "true" the application window will not stay on top
  • SingleInstance
    • If this value is "true" there can only be once instance of the browser
  • BrowserID
    • This identifies an instance of the browser.
    • Use different BrowserID's if you use multible instances of the SHBrwoser with different configuration files.
  • DynamicSizing
    • Enables dynamic sizing of the browser window
  • SavePositionOnExit
    • Save the position an exit
  • SaveSizeOnExit
    • Saves the windo size on exit

Download SH Browser

SH-Soft Browser (Version:   [0,4 MB]